AcroDance Pre School

Today’s Pre Schoolers have unique challenges, having been exposed to the digital world since birth.

With ever-increasing screen time, physical literacy * is less likely to be naturally developed through free play, and more often needs to be taught in a classroom.

Get your child moving in 2021 with our AcroDance Preschool class. Perfect for boys and girls aged 4-6. We focus to teach:

Flexibility – Strength – Balancing – Limbering and Tumbling



AcroDance is based on Acrobatic positions, and improve your child’s movement skills (jumping, hoping, etc) and balance skills. We will also teach, classroom behaviour skills, movement concepts, cooperation and social skills. All through fun and games, imaginary play, repetition, report cards and colouring pages.

With impact safe flooring and in a nurturing environment with AcroDance accredited teachers, we also focus on the social and emotional development for your child. Your child will also learn about teamwork and build confidence through the gradual progression of skills.

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